Lt. Laurel Bresnahan :: Area 2

Detective Billy Brogan :: Area 1 Detective Division
P.O. Kelly Brogan :: NAGIS

P.O. Steve Coyne :: 006th District

P.O. Robert Cranston :: VICE Section

P.O. Tom Cunningham :: NAGIS

P.O. Joel Holler :: Targeted Response Unit

P.O. Barb Jaks :: 024th District

P.O. Danny McGuire Jr. :: Special Operations Section

P.O. John W. Ryan :: Special Operations Section

P.O. Bart Sleeper :: Special Operations Section

P.O. Jamie Stephen :: 002nd District

P.O. Craig Swistowicz :: NAGIS


P.O. Colleen Burnette :: 009th District

P.O Rozillius Cain :: 021st District

P.O. Joseph Elfayer :: Traffic Enforcement Unit

P.O. Mick Frantz :: Retired

Sgt Frank Iglinski :: Bureau of Patrol

P.O. Sharon Killacky :: OEMC

Sgt. H.A. McCarthy :: Field Services

P.O. Wayne Novy :: Targeted Response Unit

Sgt. Billy Schield :: Tactical Response Unit


Bomb Technician Larry Neuman :: Bomb & Arson Unit

Investigator Mike Dooley :: Retired

Joanne Hozzian :: 001st District

P.O. Rich Mack :: Special Operations Section

Instructors | Piping

Jake Watson :: 78th Fraser Highlanders >>

John Cairns :: 78th Fraser Highlanders >>

Adrian Melvin :: Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band /

Dave Johnston :: Williamwood Pipe Band >> website here

Instructors | Drumming

Jim Sim :: Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band

Carl Lenny :: House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band

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